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About Legendary Movement

Legendary Movement, as we know it, was always in God’s divine plan. But before we saw a spirit filled church, our eyes saw only a spirit filled youth group. About 25 youth gathered week after week in the back of an old church building. There was a limit on space and resources, but no limit on faith and passion. After a beautiful encounter on a mountain, God spoke the name “Legendary” into existence and so we adopted the name “Legendary Youth” in 2018. 

Our vision became more clear as the palpable presence of God became contagious to everyone who was present. Soon, what had been a Friday night youth group became a movement. Lives were being changed, families transformed, prodigals were coming back home. No longer could our services be restricted to only youth when it was evident that God wanted to do something greater than what we could comprehend. And so, in 2020 we changed our name to “Legendary Movement”, as this wave of the spirit was to exclude no one from experiencing God’s fullness. 

Our Friday night services continued to grow but still the Lord wasn’t done, the movement was just getting started. The manifest presence of God was evident but the desire to see and experience more was on the rise. God began to pour out knowledge and strategy, as the remnant interceded for confirmation and clarity. Upon God’s divine will and in his perfect time, we then launched Legendary Movement. Legendary Movement opened its doors Sunday, February 26, 2023. The grace of God has allowed this movement to continue to develop, as we expand into new territories and remain attentive to God’s direction. 

This legendary move is one that testifies to the faithfulness of Jesus Christ and his love for the Church! 

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